Before and After: June 1 2015 to July 1 2015

June 1 to July 1 2015

I don’t know if this current photo shows a significant difference from last month. I still haven’t weighed myself since I realized I had a 40 inch waistline. The end of my circuit training class is near, and to be completely honest, I’m feeling great! Since the beginning of my meal prep routine, I’ve developed a “feel” for what my appropriate portions should be. My body doesn’t suffer through the feeling of starvation and I no longer loathe myself for eating too much, because I don’t eat too much anymore.

This blog hasn’t been updated not because of a lack of interest in keeping this website alive…it’s because Stacey and I have found a place to host our wedding. WE HAVE FINALLY SET A DATE. It’s happening; I’m getting married! On top of all of this, the slow process of getting my degree has been keeping me occupied. Two to three weeks to get a freaking transcript mailed out, and then another one to two weeks for admissions and records to evaluate things. How long does it take to print a piece of paper?! On the brighter side, being out of school for almost two months has its perks. I love coming home from work never having to worry about school work or projects due to my instructors. What a relief!

In about a week, my circuit training will be complete, then I’ll take a week or so off and then start some good old traditional weight training. My blog will undergo a huge face lift as well. A cool new logo is in order, along with a slight change. It has been decided that this will no longer be a weight loss blog; it will be a fitness blog instead. After working out and making some positive changes in the good name of health, I realized that weight loss is a byproduct of what I’m doing. The real accomplishment is getting healthier, leaner and happier. AND SEXIER.

I’m gaining back my long lost confidence and feeling better everyday. Hopefully next month shows better progress. To be honest, the current before and after picture looks like I waited 30 days to change my shirt. Keep it real folks. See you next time. Hopefully I don’t update so late. Whoops.

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