Before and After: July 1 to August 1 2015




Another delayed progress post! To update you all, my circuit training class has officially ended and traditional strength training has commenced.  I have not weighed myself for a while and I do not plan to.  Fat loss and a better looking, functional physique is what I’m aiming for, with weight loss being a by-product of it all. I again, personally don’t notice much of a visual difference from the first of this month ( Refer to the picture above– June 1 – July 1, 2015) to last month so I decided to do something different.



Since this counts as my third before and after post, I’ve been curious to see if my new habits and routines have been making changes since I began. The picture above is from May 1. to Aug 1. and I feel pretty good about my progress. All the meal prep, eating schedules and workouts are finally coming together. A bit of patience, dedication and hard work is all it takes.

Seeing this progress from May to now has motivated me even more and I’m really starting to believe I can get the results I want. Maybe one of these days I’ll weigh myself again but for now, I’m gonna stick to what’s working. I also love the fact that a size 36 pant size is beginning to become loose around my waist again…SCORE!

This month will consist of three weight training sessions per week and at least two to three days of cardio of any variety. I love how much better my body feels every day. I can get up faster in the morning, I’m getting less winded on the basketball court, and I’m getting my strength back at a faster rate. My metabolism seems to have sped up as well.  This is exciting stuff! I have so much more energy to do whatever I want and I couldn’t be happier.

(Oh yeah, speaking of happiness, be happy you’re able to read what I’m writing, for being able to wake up this morning, and to be able to live. I re-learn this every day.  Be happy with yourself and focus on being a better version of yourself everyday. Ignore what others may say…Do You! If you control your happiness, you can do great things!)

The one thing I’m realizing and have come to accept is that, I am obviously not the person I was 5 years ago. I had to learn how to restructure my life from square one to get where I want to be.  What I am doing now in terms of physical fitness is way different than what I did when I was in shape. It’s a humbling experience and I’ve seen the difficult side again, but I keep reminding myself that everything I’m doing is worth it. Every situation is different but a good result is always possible. When things become different, learn to adapt. I don’t expect things to get easier, but I know they’ll get better if I stay on course. Don’t give up!

I also made a gif of my current progress.  It’s pretty cool to see how far I’ve come.





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