Leg Day

Want to get stronger? USE YOUR LEGS.

The end of summer is near, and the bulking season is upon us. Almost every gym rat, bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast is preparing to get huge. People tend to work on the most noticeable body parts; arms, chest and back, and they want them to be bigger and stronger.  There’s one problem however, people are delaying their results by skipping LEG DAY. Yes, working on your legs is difficult. Don’t avoid the workout because of this. If you want a bigger upper body, you need to start with its foundation; the lower body…your LEGS.

It may seem obvious to many, but a large amount of people at the gym still fail to workout their legs! I can’t say it enough…DON’T SKIP LEG DAY!

Here’s Why.

Training the leg muscles is beneficial in terms of fat loss. Remember, your legs are a HUGE muscle group. When you train these muscles, you use a ton of energy, meaning you burn plenty of calories, boosting your metabolism which helps in burning fat. We like to burn fat, because it means getting ripped.

Leg workouts utilize your core. This is a great byproduct of a leg workout. The stronger your core, the stronger the rest of your body is, and the sooner you’ll get your results. You’ll find that over time, you’ll begin to have more explosive yet controlled lifts [in both upper and lower body exercises] because of this.

Strong legs prevent injury and enhances durability. If you’re one to play sports, you know how important it is to have strong legs. Giving your legs regular attention in the weight room will give you greater strength, balance and stability.

Don’t sweat it.

Yes, leg day is difficult, but the great thing about it is, most people only need to do it once a week! There’s also plenty of ways to mix things up.  The article “Building Monster Legs or The Definitive Guide to Unleashing Massiveness in Your Tree Trunk Thighs” is a good reference for those who don’t know where to begin.

So remember, stronger legs means a stronger you!

If you already have strong legs, keep it up! If you’re just starting out, don’t give up and the results will come.

Also, skipping leg days can make you look like these people: 22 People Who Prove You Should Never Skip Leg Day

You don’t want to look like them.



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