I’m still here!

I’m still hard at work.

Please rest assured that I’m still around. I’m still working out, preparing for my wedding, and persevering through this fitness journey. I’ve seen great results since my journey began and I don’t intend to stop. Please forgive my absence, as much has been going on and I’ve been heavily occupied. Check my instagram to see my latest progress picture: @jimcutsthegut follow now! To anyone going through any type of road block with their fitness journey, I urge you to keep pushing, and results will come.  I’ve conditioned myself to take things one day at a time, and while extremely difficult at first, I am finally seeing success!

I started all of this in March, and I’m feeling so much better physically, mentally and emotionally! Since then, much has changed.  Though I still haven’t weighed myself, I can now see a visual difference in the mirror. It’s been a goal of mine to look a certain way for my personal reasons and I’m happier every day.  Your goals may differ from mine, but if there’s one thing you should take away from what I’m saying, you should find something to motivate you to reach those goals. Do what ever it takes to remain positive!

I am currently preparing for my engagement shoot with Stacey and things have been pretty hectic in terms of wedding planning in the past few weeks; it isn’t anything we can’t handle though.  We’re both extremely excited of how far we’ve come, yet surprised at how fast our wedding day is approaching! It feels like January was yesterday and I’ve just proposed! In the coming weeks, I will update all of you dedicated readers again of my progress and hopefully put up some teaser pics of our engagement shoot.  I can’t wait!

Physically, I feel so much STRONGER. I’m back to lifting heavier weights, core exercises aren’t a nuisance anymore, and basketball is coming back to me like it’s second nature! The regulars on the courts are starting to notice more of an explosive dribble drive and less settling for a jumpshot. My defense is more intense and my game has gotten more aggressive. I’ve learned to maximize my time during my gym sessions when weight lifting by planning my exercises accordingly.  I no longer spend more than one hour at the gym for weight training. No exceptions. I manage to get all the necessary muscles fired up and still manage to get a core workout in.

I’m still very disciplined with my diet and my food intake, and it has resulted in buying newer, better fitting clothes.  My current wardrobe is beginning to fit loosely again. Friends have told me I look less round…and all I can say is YES!!!! For those who don’t know, my goal is to fit in a size 30-32 pair of pants and to be sub 11% body fat. I want to be ripped and I feel like I am well on my way. My supplements have remained simple.  Multivitamin in the morning, BCAA during workouts, Protein Shakes to accompany my post workout meal, then a ZMA supplement on an empty stomach before I go to bed.

Outside of all this, I am preparing for a new career move and if I get the job I’m aiming for, I’ll be set for a really long time. As of late, I feel like I can take on anything and that’s what I’ve been so occupied with.  But keeping myself occupied has also led me to neglect this site a little bit, so for those still reading, I truly appreciate your loyalty. I am still here, working hard like all of you. Keep on pushing. Stay inspired. Stay motivated.

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