Thanksgiving Update

I admit, I’m having trouble keeping this blog up to date.  I’m trying my best though!

These past two weeks, I’ve put my workouts on halt due to illness.  I caught the flu and I have been resting and recovering accordingly. It has been pretty unfortunate, since having the flu did hamper my progress a bit, but I’ll be back on track soon. Sometime between the last time I posted and now, Stacey and I have completed our engagement photo shoot and we’re both really pleased with the results! They can be seen here. Our photographer by the way, Kat Ma is amazing at what she does, and if you’re from the Bay Area and in need of photography services, get in contact with her! You won’t be disappointed.

Outside of everything else, I’ve been interviewing at companies, big and small in efforts to snag a great career opportunity, but I’ve been fortunate to still work at the job I have today. Getting back into the job market has been tough, but inspiring.

Okay, back to the fitness updates.  I know I haven’t been posting photos and stuff and I really need to get on that, but my pants are looser and I need tighter belts. My shirts are beginning to look like gowns when I put them on and it’s a wonderful problem to have. I’m getting stronger by the day and am getting closer to reaching my personal fitness goals.  Running up and down a basketball court isn’t such an issue anymore, and I’ve also joined a rec-league to test my fitness. I’ve had a boost in self confidence and I couldn’t be happier.

My workout schedule is still the simple, lift 3 days, cardio/stretch/ on the off days. Cardio would be basketball, or running on the treadmill. I do however plan to get back on my road bike so I don’t get so bored, once weather permits of course. Just to note, it has been refreshing to see rain here in California. I need to tighten up on my diet, especially with the holidays around the corner, but I won’t be beating myself up for enjoying some good comfort food and spending quality time with my family and friends. Eating everyday has been manageable and I know when to stop, as my body has officially conditioned itself to let me know that enough is enough.

The days have been going by so fast and I feel like my wedding is just around the corner! All of my married friends were right about time leading up to the day will just fly! I am confident that I will reach my goal physique by then because I’ve formed better habits, taking things day by day. I hope all of you reading this reach your goals and follow healthy habits as well.  This is all for now, and I want to wish each and every one of you a happy thanksgiving! Also, more turkey, and less mashed potatoes! Potatoes get you full way too fast!

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