About Me

Hey everyone,

My name is Jim Arafiles, I’m 28 years old and on January this year, I have experienced one of the happiest moments of my life.  I proposed to my fiancee and we are set to be married next year!  I want our wedding day to be one of the best days we’ll both remember.

I love my fiancee. But also I love food.  Maybe too much.  So much, that in the past 5 years, I have gained 80 lbs, reaching a total weight of 240 lbs.  I wasn’t always so heavy.  In fact, I was in the best shape of my life, and I felt like nothing could change that.  Complacency got the best of me and eventually led me to neglect my health, which is why I created this blog.   I want to be able to have a long happy life with the woman I’m about to marry, so I told myself that I’m going to stop selling myself short and get rid of my gut.

Don’t get me wrong, my fiancee and I are still as happy as can be together.  But I want a lifetime happiness with her.  Additionally if I reach and maintain this weight loss goal, I’ll be able to look good in the wedding pictures too!

This concludes my short bio.  Thanks for stopping by.


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